What do I need to bring with me?

Please bring your ID with you to the event. We'll have a team onsite with a guest list to check you in and hand out wristbands. Please keep your wristband on you at all times as they provide access back on the buses at the end of the night. 


Where do buses pickup / drop-off at Red Rocks?

We always pick up / drop-off from the South Lots at Red Rocks. This is a Red Rocks requirement for all buses.


Can I get on the same bus as my friends?

We can't guarantee spots on a particular bus, however we'll do our best to accommodate everyone. In general, each bus is open seating so if you arrive early and get on the buses, you shouldn't have a problem sitting with friends. If by chance it doesn't work out, we're all headed to the same place and generally arrive at the same time. 


Are tickets non-refundable?

We're happy to issue free refunds if you provide ample notice. All tickets typically become non-refundable 2-days prior to the event.


Where do the buses pick up?

We always pick up at Rhein Haus located on the corner of 14th & Market in LODO. They have an awesome space, great beer, and delicious food - so be sure to come early and take advantage of happy hour. 


What time do the buses leave Rhein Haus?

We typically start loading buses at 5:50pm and depart at 6:15pm at the latest. In general, we aim to arrive at Red Rocks when doors open. Please be courteous to others by arriving early and grab a drink!


What time do the buses leave Red Rocks?

The buses typically leave Red Rocks 30-40 minutes after the show ends. That gives everyone plenty of time to get back to the South Lots. If you or a friend happens to get lost, please alert one of your bus captains. We'll help you troubleshoot the situation and help you / your friend get back to the bus. 


Can I bring my own alcohol?

Yes, you're allowed to bring your own alcohol onto the bus. However, please keep in mind we stock the buses with plenty of beer and liquor courtesy of our sponsors.


What if I have to pick up my tickets at Will Call?

We're happy to stop at WillCall on the way into the venue. Simply let your Bus Captain know that you need to stop at Will Call before we depart or on the way to the show.


Can I get a private bus for a group?

Yes! We're happy to accommodate a private party so long as they can fill an entire bus. Please contact us in advance to coordinate a private bus or purchase the private ride option via one of the events. 


What happens if the show is cancelled?

If the show is cancelled during the concert due to weather, we'll wait 30-40 minutes for everyone to return to the bus before heading back to Denver. If the show hasn't been officially canceled, we need to stay at Red Rocks unless everyone is back on the bus and everyone wants to go home. FYI, we follow the @redrocksco Twitter feed for the official status of the show.