Founded in 2016, Denver Joyrides is a collaboration between Myhub and IndiCard to provide fun and safe transportation to shows at Red Rocks. The idea came about after years of organizing our own rides and the constant headache of coordinating friends, organizing the ride, and collecting money.

At Denver Joyrides, we handle all of that for you mixing the best rides with awesome people and top brands. That way, you get to hang out, enjoy yourself, and make new friends - without the hassle.

All you need to do is show up on time and be yourself.


How it Works



Join us for happy hour at Rhein Haus starting at 4pm. Please check-in when you arrive.



We'll start loading buses at 6:00pm and drop everyone at the South Lots.



Feel free to head in with the group or meet up with your friends.



We'll depart Red Rocks 30 mins after the show and drop off at Gas Lamp



Upcoming Events






Where do the buses pick up?

We always pick up at Rhein Haus located on the corner of 14th & Market in LODO. They have an awesome space so be sure to come early and meet your fellow riders.


What time do the buses leave Red Rocks

The buses typically leave 30-40 minutes after the show ends. That gives you plenty of time to make your way back to the South Lots provided you don't dilly dally.


Can I bring my own alcohol?

Yes, however we stock the buses with plenty of beer and liquor for the group to share responsibly courtesy of our partners.


What if I have to pick up my tickets at Will Call?

Simply let your Bus Captain know that you need to stop at Will Call and we'll pull over. 


Can I get a private bus for a group?

Yes! We'll accommodate private parties that can fill an entire bus but still want to hang out and enjoy the perks of Denver Joyrides.

What time do the buses leave Rhein Haus?

We'll start loading buses at 5:45pm with the plan to depart at 6:00pm sharp. That way, we arrive before the show starts. Please be courteous to others by arriving early and grab a drink!


What do I need to bring with me?

Just you, yourself, and some friends. We stock each bus with beer, liquor, and tunes for your enjoyment to and from the show.


Where do buses pickup / drop-off at Red Rocks?

We always pick up / drop-off from the South Lots at Red Rocks. This is a requirement for all buses.


How do I get on the same bus as my friends?

We can't guarantee spots on a particular bus, however we'll do our best to accommodate everyone. In general, it typically all works out and we're all headed to the same place.


Are tickets non-refundable?

We're happy to issue a free refund provided you give us ample notice. All tickets become non-refundable 2-days prior to the event.